I have spoken on a number of topics across a range of settings, delivering keynote speeches and lectures, facilitating workshops and group discussions as well as participating in panel discussions and podcasts. You can read a selection of my speaking engagements below — if you would like to enquire as to host or collaborate with me, feel free to reach out.

talks, panel discussions, lectures + workshops

keynote speech — sikh press association annual general meeting

panel discussion — european public mental health week 2021

what do user led groups need? — NSUN panel discussion

media — public health england

research presentation — jakara sikholars conference, stanford univ.

do we neeed a new super science for mental health? — berlin science week

covid and mental health — city sikhs

guest lecture — university of toronto, masters of public health students

presentations on adult mental health — policy foresight conference

anti-hate panel discussion — CASSA

workshops with students on mental health — various locations UK/Canada


kaur voices talkshow — mental health awareness

you can sit with us — social change with jyoty singh


coronavirus frontline special — st antony's college, university of oxford