Research has been an important part of my academic and professional life. Processes of research have the potential to generate knowledge and insights which go beyond the academic world. As such, research is an important tool for understanding and moving towards change if conducted with consistent reflection and action with a view towards transforming society.

Insight Report: Taraki Student Spaces

This report builds off our research into Punjabi communities and COVID-19 which found that younger people were experiencing distinct challenges during the pandemic. Following this, we were commissioned by Student Space to deliver support for Punjabi students and Punjabi LGBTQ+ students. This impact report collates the evaluation of this service and offers recommendations about future needs.

COVID-19, Mental Health and Punjabi Communities — Taraki

This reserach acknowledged the lack of granular data concerning Punjabi communities, mental health and COVID-19. I coordinated and deployed this reserach with a team of citizen scientists and those with lived experiences of mental health challenges. This research has been used in parliament, has informed successful grant applications, has been cited in academic literature and has been referenced in national and international media since its publication. I have spoken about this research and our use of findings with audiences in policy, advocacy and beyond.

Numerous Research Projects — Taraki

As well as our COVID research I have undertaken a number of smaller research projects which ask important questions related to mental well-being in Punjabi communities. You can view the details of these projects below and the range of topics they have covered.

Delivery of Compassionate Mental Health Care in a Digital Technology Driven Age: Protocol for Scoping Review — British Medical Journal

I was a co-author on this protocol which considers the delivery of digital mental health interventions alongside the lens of compassionate care with other researchers affiliated with the Centre for Mental Health and Addiction as well as the University of Toronto.

As well as research I have led in conducting, analysing, or synthesising, I have also been interviewed for a number of national and international research projects, including:
  • Fit for Purpose — Addressing Inequalities in Mental Health Research by Centre for Mental Health (2021)