Over the years I have written on a number of topics ranging from mental health inequalities, the politics of mental health research, and the relationship between our mental health and our society, environment, and economies. You can read a selection of my writing below — if you would like to enquire as to commission my writing, feel free to reach out.

Policing, Morality and Mental Health — National Survivor User Network

This recent article was published by NSUN as a part of their mental health and abolition series; in this piece, I attempt to track and interconnect the histories and contemporary meanings around psychiatric systems, mental health, policing, and prisons. In doing so, I hope to offer a reflective space for pondering the relationship and subsequent suitedness of these institutions to meet our ever-increasing social needs.

Reflections on Punjabi communities, COVID-19 and mental health — COVID-19 and Co-production in Health and Social Care Research, Policy, and Practice

Having worked to undertake research into Punjabi communities and mental health, the distinctive and unique approach to this research was communicated through a chapter in a book published about co-production in health and social care research. Published by Policy Press, this book is available for free here.

Top 20 Mental Health Leaders — Positive News, UK

I was recognised as one of the Top 20 Mental Health Leaders by Positive News UK during Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 — I was included with a number of national activists and advocates.

Mental Health in Punjabi Communities Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic — Baaz News

This opinion piece considers the key learnings taken from the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on Punjabi communities both in Canada and the United Kingdom. Recommendations include a greater emphasis on intersectional analyses, more precise race-based data, and a consideration of mental health as beyond biology.

Reflecting on the Global Mental Health Databank Project — Wellcome Trust

This reflective piece considers the obstacles and opportunities presented during the first phase of the Global Mental Health Databank project, a feasibility study conducted with teams in South Africa, India, the United Kingdom and the United States within which I am a lived experience consultant.

Let's Talk about Lived Experiences of Mental Health Challenges — Wellcome Trust

This reflective piece considers the obstacles and opportunities presented by the term 'lived experiences' within the context of mental health. Importantly, it is outlined that we must not assume this term is homogenous in its understanding and application across global contexts despite its rising popularity.

Doomscrolling, Trauma, and your Mental Health — Baaz News

This opinion piece considers the impact of the farm and farm worker protests happening across India in relation to the mental health of Punjabi communities, many of whom have a tie to agricultural industries. At a time of increased social media usage it is important to reflect on its impact on our well-being.

Learning from 'Our Voices': how collaboration and radical optimism got us here — U. College London

This reflective piece considers the process of working to develop 'Our Voices' an online zine co-edited between myself and Taimour Ahmed, from Expert by Experience. This piece thinks about the importance of slow-paced and conscientious collaboration within a context of increased time and resource pressures.

Sacrificing Sovereingty: Sikhs and COVID-19 — Red Pepper

This reflective piece considers how Sikh medical professionals were being made to choose between their faith and their patience during the COVID-19 pandemic. Using a case study of individuals asked to remove their unshorn hair, a key facet of Sikh identities, this article considers complex colonial legacies of sacrifice during crisis.

Has Mental Health Awareness been de-politicised? — Media Diversified

This piece considers the place of mental health awareness and its de-politicisation within the context of increased discussion. Importantly, this piece outlines that mental health is fundamentally political and any attempts to refute that is erasing the material and economic conditions which cause and enhance distress.

Mental Health vs 'Performance': why you need to re-prioritise — Raconteur (published in The Times)

This piece considers the complexities behind the idea of performance within a work setting and how it relates to mental well-being. Published by Raconteur, this article was included in The Times and derived opinion from a range of individuals across corporate spaces to understand this difficult topic.

A Reflection on Community Engagement Workshops — Oxford University Students Union

This is a reflective piece on the development and deployment of a community engagement workshop which I arranged at Oxford University.